I am so dang happy you are here. My name is Kaleigh and I am a wedding/lifestyle photographer based out of a little town in Northern California, Paradise. I am obsessed with the outdoors, my dogs and anything that results in fun. I have way too many hobbies, turquoise jewelry and more photos in my phones camera roll than anyone you know ( I think. I am at 70k LOL). If I am not behind my camera you can usually find me on the lake wake surfing, up at the snow on my snowmobile, or chasing a sunset down an old dirt road on the Rzr. I am living out my dream everyday getting to capture real moments between people in the most beautiful places. Come along with me to one of my favorite local spots or even better  take me with you somewhere! 

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Why hire me? Why choose me over other photographers? Well, I LOVE my job, I love everything about it, and that shows through my photos. I want to take you on an adventure with me, and not only leave you with some amazing pictures but to help you have the time of your life! I want you to leave the session feeling like we are best friends, like you can come to me for anything.

Northen California Photographer

Number of songs I have saved on spotify. Mostly consists of Zach Bryan + sappy Texas country


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Number of doggos I have. Two labs, Daisy and Case. Basically my children


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Do you want to know why I am where I am today? It is because of all the people in my life have who pushed me, believed in me, and supported me throughout this journey. My family, my dogs, my friends, past and even future clients. I have so many people who are rooting me on every day as I continue to build this business.  I have always had a passion for photography, but what made me fall even more in love, was capturing love and the people that come along with that. That wouldn't be possible without people trusting me with some of the most important days of their lives. I strive to capture people in their natural element and show them the beauty I see, through my lens + photos. 

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